May 5, 2021

White Dog nodded her head knowingly. "It is the mark of being the smaller girl in a land of giants."

Evening dessert time is well mannered but involves less social distancing, some might even say much more crowding, than other treat times in our day. White Dog waits until the end, knowing her share of the vanilla ice cream topped with a blop of peanut butter will be saved for her to daintily lick while held in my arms. 

The others seek more immediate gratification and slurp their spoonful unmindful of who is around, or under, them. Generally not a drop esapes experienced tongues but Bella's hip check of Bailey as our big girl wrapped around her bite caused a drip...on the waiting Opal.

Generally, SOME pup would have groomed the heart-shaped yumminess from her forehead but Opal took her frozen treat neatly from the spoon then rubbed paws over her head. The spot was cleaned and provided a bit extra taste of pb. 

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