May 9, 2021

White Dog got up early to help Steve. I awoke to this directly in front of me:

This as soon as I put my feet on the ground:
And the wafting smells of coffee, bacon, and bread toasting. The pink stains around Bella's mouth as she came in from "helping" Steve also told me we would be enjoying strawberries. Soft jazz fusion music filled the house.

"And this is not even the BEST meal," White Dog promised. "For dinner we are making Southwestern lentil soup and duck (yes, DUCK) tacos with dad's soon to be famous cherry salsa." "And for dessert," Bailey interrupted, "we have caramel-less flan, just the way you like it!"  "Loved Ones, that sounds wonderful but I have not yet eaten breakfast and dinner is many hours away."

"Open your gift and put it on," Roman encouraged as Steve handed me a ribboned box. "Just pull the ribbon," everyone said. "Oh my, this IS a surprise but I really can use a second oximeter, one for the bedroom and one for out here. Thank you for caring about keeping me healthy."
In our house EVERY celebration is a celebration of US, all of the family. This momma would not be a momma were it not for my amazing children of other, different, mothers who have found their way through our door and into my heart....or for the loving patient partner who smiles EVERY time and says, "Welcome to your new family. We will be here for you always." I think you have heard me say it before: I am blessed. 

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meowmeowmans said...

This is so special. Happy belated Mother's Day, Sue. You and the WDA make the world a better place. Hugs!