June 15, 2021

White Dog is my inspiration. We share mobility issues but The Little White Dog of My Heart is working constantly to convert her Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy into improved movement. Her recovery makes my heart sing.

In a position change that I could not even begin to imagine doing, today White Dog successfully accomplished rising from lying on her bed to fully standing.

Outside with Steve, White Dog used those weak back leg and hip muscles to stop herself from falling into a sit position and THEN fully righted herself to continue walking.

Granted, her movements are still gawky and awkward but she is growing stronger and more flexible. I love seeing the pride in her eyes and feel her sense of accomplishment when I randomly fold her into my arms singing her praises. And I am not alone, most of the WDA know to give her the space she needs to attempt (and even sometimes fail); they are not shy with congratulatory nuzzles.

On a sidenote, the WDMBs (or Satin Ball high-calorie meatballs) are, at least for the moment given WD's fickle food commitments,  a hit. White Dog enjoys one with her babyfood, ensure, cream breakfast, two along with bites of Steve's lunch; and another at dinner. I cannot yet say I feel a difference in her thinness but I am reminded that it has only been three-and-a-half days."And only ONE single tasting for the REST of us," Zsofia complained.


Brian said...

Way to go sweetie, you are doing great, especially outside!

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, that's so wonderful! Go, White Dog, go! XO

Random Felines said...

You got this!!