June 18, 2021

White Dog still is not drinking sufficient water to stay hydrated. As much as we dislike having to stick her to administer subcutaneous fluids, the moisture fuels her body and, I believe, makes her muscle use more comfortable. 

She has become quite stoic as she rests next to me on the bed and I gently massage her chest and stroke her head as Steve attends to the medical line. Every day, the White Dog Army gathers around her to supervise and advocate for their leader should there be a need.

Zsofia and Opal are here as well but did not fit in the photo's framing. Bella will get to sniff and check post subq...she is just too excitable to patiently, quietly wait as the fluid drips into White Dog. 

Thankfully, 100ml enters relatively quickly, but the needle still causes pain every time. "Baby Girl," I plead with her as I stroke her side, "I hate that we must do this. What can we do to get you to drink more so this becomes unnecessary?"

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meowmeowmans said...

Poor White Dog. SubQ fluids are not fun, but we are glad they help you feel better. We are purring that you start drinking more water, sweet one.