July 22, 2021

White Dog watched from her bed. "I admire Opal's tenacity. She just calmly tries from the beginning every night after dinner."

Every night after dinner is cleared away, Opal prances up to Roman attempting to draw him into playing with her. She daringly bumps noses with him. tries to rest the side of her face against his. Play bows then frog hops at him. Many times we have drawn in a breath to call her off. 

Poor Roman, reading his expressions, is not afraid she is being aggressive but has NO clue what Opal wants. He backs up as she insistently dances forward and back trying to teach him the rhythm. Sometimes she is so unrelenting that Roamn goes over and sits next to Steve for protection while for a word from momma to make her stop.

"Opal, Sweet One," I intervene. "Roman does not know how to play very well. He never learned the games you know. Why not go and run with Zsofia?" Opal thinks her brother very odd that he lacks such basic skills but she respects his desire to abstain...or maybe she respects the gentle "momma" edge to what I am saying.

As she walks away, a little sad, I hear Roman breathe a sigh of relief.

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