July 30, 2021

White Dog sat with me and watched the activity in the yard where Steve and helpers were doing cleanup. "Did you hear that?" she asked me. "The thunder? Yep, expect a scurrying dash into the house."

Bailey same through at a full gallop and went right into the crate in the office; it is her storm-safe place. Opal tried to look nonchalant as she sidled through the door from her sunning spot on the deck and ducked into Roman's crate here in the bedroom. 

Steve was rushing to finish the last bit of pickup as big noisy drops began to fall. "Oh. my. dog!" White Dog exclaimed. "ROMAN is still OUTSIDE. In the thunder and rain!" I leaned over her for a better look. "He is protecting dad. Our Boy is facing his fear of storms to keep dad safe. How awesome is that?" "His body posturee DOES seem to be willing dad to speed things up, however; but it is still a moment worth noting," White Dog responded. 

I am not sure Roman quite understood our fuss over him when he came inside. And I am certain he thought the peanute butter treats were a strange reward from Crazy Momma for shaking his dampness all over us before he hunkered down at my foot to wait out the storm.

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meowmeowmans said...

That's so awesome. Way to go, Roman! XO