November 26, 2021

White Dog looked at sisters with anger in her eyes. "Honestly, I am SO disappointeed! WHAT were you both thinking?" She did not wait for their answer instead turning her back on them, the highest form of insult in our pack.

I took over as Steve undid harnesses and got supplies.

"You two are loving, bonded sisters who do everything together. Never has either of you EVER shown aggresssion toward each other or anyone else for that matter. And to come to blows on the street, on your walk, over some disgusting edible that was so mashed and run over dad could not even tell what you found worth hurting each other over. You should be ashamed. You have every treat imaginable...and eat better that more than half the world...people and pups.

"Not only did you make Bai bleed, Zsofia. Did you realize how close to her eye you were? And Bailey was whatever it was Zso was sniffing and pawing at worthy of almost knocking dad over as you started a fight to end all fights? I agree with White Dog in her disappointment. And if either of you has a brain cell working right now, I would advise turning off the smile...and the Sibe charm.

"We are going to clean Bailey's cut and see if it warrants a trip to the vet. Then you would BOTH be wise to call it an early to bed night. No, do NOT whimper about treats...you get no more tonight. 

"And in the morning I want a public apology from both of you to all of the White Dog Army for such disgraceful behavior...it is the White Dog Army of Love, remember?"

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meowmeowmans said...

We are sorry it was a bad day for you, dear friends. Fighting among family makes us sad, too.