November 29, 2021

White Dog agreed with the decision to call this morning and ask Jackie to squeeze Bailey into to see Dr. Julia today. Bai's eye was swollen and she kept pawing at it, despite the antiseptic cream.

The crying began when Bailey was harnessed but not Zsofia. The two went on like lovers torn apart and sent to live in different parts of the world. "She wouldn't be leaving now if you had not gotten so out of control over garbage in the street," I reminded Zsofia. "She will not be gone long."

Steve said Bai wooed the second she entered the good vet's office. She received no sympathyfrom Dr. Julia. "What a knuckleheaded thing to do. You could have lost an eye," Bai was told.

The team took Bailey to the back to do an eye staining to scope the eye itself and area. As we suspected, there was a small tear on her lower eyelid; the inflammation was from the trauma. Steve got thumbs up for not over-reacting but irrigating it and getting cream on it right away. 

Bailey started to complain, "NOT over-reacting? You should have seen what Zso and I have had to do!" Dr. Julia was not buying into her victimhood. "Unless it involved keeping you crated for the past three days, wearing a cone of shame, or going without treats, you are singing to the wrong woman. You are lucky I have a busy day or I would make you sit with me and look at photos of dogs injured from fighting. Now go home, use this new ointment until it is gone and BE NICE!"


Anonymous said...

Poor dogs are going to think they are living in a conspiracy theory.

meowmeowmans said...

Well, we are glad that Dr. Julia was able to squeeze Bailey in, and that her eye will be okay. No more roughhousing, Bailey and Zso!