November 30, 2021

White Dog was pleased that she chose to sit on the ottoman next to her dog bed so she could reach down and give pets. The rest of the White Dog Army came up to greet her and smell the scent on her kitties on her Christmas leggings.

Lyndzy, who actually lives in our neighborhood, stopped by for hugs and a bite to eat. "You would not believe how much I miss your lunches," she told Steve. "A nurse with a full tummy is a happy nurse." 

Zsofia wooed. "What about us? Have you missed us?" Lyndzy stroked the side of her face. "Of course, you all take such good care of your momma. I know she is in very capable paws." Bailey and Opal each got a special pet and compliment. Roman was brave to get close enough to sniff her hand. 

We noshed and chatted, then Lyndzy stood to go. "Wait, don't forget your sweater!" Steve went to the hall and then helped her into her wrap.  It was so lovely to see my former nurse. "We hope to see you again soon," the WDA told her, "as a visitor not as a caregiver."

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