January 11, 2022

 In her new life Diva is much more active than she was living in a small apartment. She loves the freedom of the dog door and often goes out just to stroll the grounds. Additionally, the little busybody is cmpelled to rush outside everytime her sisters do.  There is much more activity trying to keep tabs on four siblings than it ever was napping to the noise of the telly. And there are still neighborhood walks at bedtime.

Her Dr. Julia "suggested" diet is working some magic. The Littlest One does not miss an overfull bowl because Dad meals are varied and interesting. Steve's has needed to tighten her harness twice since she waddled into our lives. Mealtime was our first clue about Our Girl's awakened athleticism...she began leaping when Steve approached her eating spot. Now, he must ask her to stop jumping, sit and wait before putting down the bowl.

We were all delighted when Zsofia came to me to announce that her sister had discovered the "z-axis." When I asked her to explain, Zso had Steve send these:

"Today the chair seats, tomorrow counter-surfing," Bailey encouraged. "Brava! Diva!" Opal sang.

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meowmeowmans said...

This is wonderful. We're so happy that little Diva is doing so well. :)