January 19, 2022

"Momma, I know this rainy afternoon has you thinking of Siku and missing her. I will sit here and you can wrap your arm around me to feel my soft furs and warmth. Maybe that way you will not be so sad."

"Sweetest Opal, I can always count on you to take care of me. I welcome your company but my sadness is part of grieving; you cannot fix it. Let us sit together wrapped in the comfort love provides."


Becky Wells said...

I'm surrounding you with love my friend.

Gus Dagger said...

With apologies to The” Modern Mjajor General,”

She was the very model of a fine companion animal
Not too big and not too small, just perfect when a cuddle called
So very soft, so very wise, so kind yet firm with gentle eyes
Led by example and shared with others
Except for her favorite times with mother.

Fond of fine foods with opportunities
To sample from wide choices de cuisine
From far and wide and in between.

Guided by her human family
Appreciated the wide variety
Of international foods and feasting

Deserts for canines and human beings
Sharing encouraged by excellent example
Come now and enjoy a sample

Lead by love with results most impressive
Never loud barking or physically aggressive
Queen of the special pack where
All were Welcome Regardless of size, age, color or skills

A wonderful family because of the differences
Between sizes and colors
All the members of this very strong Army

I’m stopping right here before it gets highly smarmy.

Sent with love, hoping for smiles
Inspired by George Watson and Murphy his terrier.

Carol said...

So beautiful!

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