May 20, 2022

 Today is National Rescue Dog Day. 

The White Dog Army would not exist if not for the brave souls who were "rescued," some from horrific situations, and found their way to us. The members of the WDA have taught us so much about trust and second chances and unconditional love. 

In return, each has been welcomed without judgement or expectations. Each has been fully loved and encouraged to bloom at their own pace. Each has been an addition of grace and has made the White Dog Army more extraordinary. We are truly blessed.

Siku Marie and Zsofia, our children of privilege have been grounded and at times, humbled, by their more self-made siblings. It was Zso who secretly helped Steve prepare a special Taco Night celebration in honor of our Rescues here and Siku made sure there was a matching feast for our over the Rainbow Bridge Rescues. The theme: "WHO rescued WHOM?"


meowmeowmans said...

What a beautiful family the WDA is, so full of love, patience, and understanding. Happy National Rescue Dog Day, dear ones. XO

Brian said...

You've done so much for all of those precious souls and they all have loved you for it.