June 27, 2022


Lilly is a big girl. We are fairly certain that her Husky lineage is mixed with that of another large breed, maybe a Great Dane based on the squareness of her muzzle. Finding out for certain will wait until some time in the future. For now, our concern is building up a little fat to fill in her frame.

When she first joined the White Dog Army we could visibly see every single rib and to run your hand along her flank felt way too bumpy to be right. Dr. Julia concurred. "I like to keep big dogs lean," she told us, "but you need to put some weight on this girl. She is too thin."

Progress has been made in that she no longer looks like a poster child for "Feed This Dog" but the progress is painfully slow. Lilly already gets a much larger portion at mealtimes than any of the others. Her coat and skin are reflecting that she is receiving vitamins and nutriets she needs so we believe the issue is one of quantity not quality. We are also aware of the dangers of packing on weight too quickly.

"What if we added rice cooked in chicken broth to her meals...just Lilly. It would be carbs," I suggested to Steve. "Let's try that and putting her meals in a slow bowl. I don't want her wolfing down her food prompting poor digestion. I am sure she will not mind the changes."

"The hardest part is going to be adding the rice to Lilly's bowl but not in the others. No one else needs to add pounds. Zsofia is lean but she is not gaunt despite what she would say if asked. But if they notice there will be complaints," I finished the conversation. 

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meowmeowmans said...

Good luck with the stealth rice mission for Lilly. We have our paws crossed it helps her put on a few lbs.