June 28, 2022


Nobody paid any attention when they were asked to show better manners at treat time. The pushing, shoving, jumping on my feet, and yelling continued well past two warnings from each Steve and myself. And no pup seemed to believe me when I said (loudly enough to be heard over the din), "I am counting to five and if you cannot settle down there will be no treats."

And that is how afternoon treats came to be cancelled on a perfectly nice day. 

It is also how I came to receive "Look, I am a good one" individual visits from each of the WDA. Each a lovely display of good manners and an attempt to win a reversal of the "No treats" ruling, it was a "Hail Mary" attempt to charm me out of my longstanding edict "Once I say no it is no."

This VERY mean momma had to chuckle as I heard Steve in the other room telling Zsofia, "Momma already said no; there is no way I am going to hand out treats. Remember this tomorrow."  

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