July 4, 2022


How can you possibly be EIGHT years old, My Itty Bitty Baby Girl? And yet hundreds of blog posts and oodles of photos have documented your life story since you came to us...actually, before then as Dad got to meet you and your siblings the week you were born.

You were then, and have been everyday since, our Most Precious Gift. A gift of honor and love from the family of one of dad's students. The moment she met you, Siku chose you to be "She who will one day lead the Army" and spent her lifetime schooling you in compassion, fairness, gentleness, and sensitivity. Your very name, "Zsofia", means "wisdom."

Today we celebrate you. There will anchovies with dinner with peach shortcake and ice cream. We will listen to and sing along to you favorite opera,  "Carmen"...loudly to drown out those fools who do not understand a drought and fireworks are a poor combination. And we will lovingly crowd around the computer to view photos of our favorite Baby Bandit while listening to "Your" song: 

Happiest of Brithdays Zsofia. Thanks for letting us hold a moonbeam in our hands/paws. Long may you shine.

Momma, Dad, Opal, Bailey, Roman, Diva and Lilly.


Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!

Gus said...

A very special birthday to the leader, and may your army and family celebrate in peace..

Love from all of us.

Please send us love to share with Teka. She has decided she does not like summer! We NEVER HEARD THIS TALK IN AZ. thinking at sixteen maybe she has earned the right to complain.

Love to all of you. Hope the alternative cooling box “ Swamp Cooler”. is still working in New Mexico!

Nanük said...

Happy day furry friend! Love an woooos from the crew here!


meowmeowmans said...

Happy belated birthday, Zsofia! We love you!