August 5, 2022

Bailey had just finished a wicked impersonation of momma trying to use her cell phone as her connection to the electronic world. I had to admit, it was pretty funny. She pawed at the keyboard, pounded down with her foot, and sang a momma song of frustration. “You've captured my lack of coordination, the curse of big fingeredness, my squinting at the tiny screen and it was a beautiful song of frustration,” I told Bai. “It doesn't seem like that's a realistic option for this old Luddite.”

“Seriously,” Opal spoke up, “we need to find a better system for you.” “All of us and dad have spent all afternoon trying to design a reconfiguration of your cart so that it can move around the room to the other side of the bed.
But there just doesn’t seem to be a way to bring your desktop computer to where it needs to be,” Zsofia shook her head sadly.

“But dad had an idea that proves why he is the family IT Director, Roman said. Lilly and Diva could barely contain their excitement. “We've helped dad find a laptop computer that even you can be able to use. It has a bigger screen and a full keyboard.” “And,” Steve leaned over and kissed me, “it will be here Sunday. It seems like you're going to be a while healing, so this makes a lot of sense.”

“And we'll all be here to use this new tool. We know you have difficulty embracing technology sometimes, which is really funny to us since technology brought all of us to the White Dog Army.

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