September 25, 2022


Some have wondered about the absence of a Lilly mention in the Bailey Gotcha Day post. Lilly, in charge of Bailey's Gotcha Gift, had made herself sick in the task and ended up missing the celebration.

 We had just gathered and Lilly came in dragging an ordinary grocery bag which she placed at Bailey's feet. Steve recognized the bag at the same time Lilly began , "Happy Gorcha..." and then vomited. 

The WDA thought this a bonus part of the gift as humans herded everyone away from the puddle. "I fee; sick"  Lilly sang before hurling again. She left a trail of tummy distress as Steve tried to keep up with the shampooer.

"I don't know how you managed to find the stash of extra treats in the back of the closed file cabinet drawer but I DO know the bag was full.," Steve told her as he gated her in the bathroom. "I was not sure which flavor Bai would like best; I HAD to taste them," Lilly explained. "To not leave a mess in the office I even tried to chew up the packages. I need a nap; can you let me out for dinner?"

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meowmeowmans said...

Oh no! Poor Lilly. We hope she is feeling better soon.