September 26, 2022

"If you are sad, momma we will sit with you and be sad together," my stalwart caregivers said. "But why are we sad?" 

"For no particular BIG reason but there are lots of little things and lots of things are not totally under my control," I explained, "Autumn is a melancholy time with days getting shorter and preparing the house for winter. I have spent so much time dealing with health stuff and I still struggle. The world has become so mean and hateful; I fear for the future. I am just sad, please don't fret over me. Sometimes i need to just sit and be sad until my soul refinds its voice and can sing again."

"We will sit with you until your soul can sing again, momma. And we will join your song."



Nanük said...

We send encouraging woo-wooos friends,


meowmeowmans said...

Aww, we love how the WDA cares about each other. Mom Sue, we add our gentle purrs and good thoughts for you, and hope your soul will sing again soon.