November 27, 2022


"Hey, dad, it's kinda nice having Momma's sister Theresa stay over tonight. She reminds me a lot of Momma. Can she stay a little longer?" "Dear Zsofia and Diva, Theresa must return home tomorrow. She has her own family that she needs to take care of," I said ruefully.
"Still, we've enjoyed having her stay here, even if it's only for one day." Roman interjected. "I know she's a little scared of me with my muzzle, but I still like having her stay in the house." "I know it can be a little lonely here at home with only me, especially when I go to work. Remember that I'll only be gone for a short time and then I'll work the rest of the day at home," I added. "Who's ready to eat dinner?" All the White Dog Army came to attention at the mention of the evening meal.

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