November 28, 2022


"Dad, why are you spending so much time at the computer tonight? I'm bored. I enjoyed dinner, but now there's nothing to do." Oh, my little Opal, I must take over Momma's job of creating the Paws To People newsletter. Momma created 110 newsletters, and now it's my turn. Next month, we'll have Momma's good friend Jenna to help us, but this month, I'm the editor.

"Okay, dad, I guess that's a good reason," sighed Opal. "Just let us know when it's walk time. I don't go on walks, but I need to supervise the walkers."


meowmeowmans said...

It must be so hard getting used to the new regular. Sending love and gentle purrs, dear ones.

Meso Pet said...
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