December 5, 2022


Diva asked me as we were walking out the door together, "Dad, why am I going for a walk by myself? I usually walk with Lilly. Also, we normally go for a walk at night, not when you go to work!" "Ah, my little munchkin, it has come time for you to get groomed. You're quite shaggy. Your groomer, Aspen, has been on maternity leave since your last grooming appointment in August, so we waited until she was back at work. Let's go for a ride together." I dropped Diva at the groomer and went to work as usual. When I picked her up around noon, she was absolutely beautiful again.


Before we entered the freeway, Diva enjoyed a little window down and sunroof open time since it was a perfect afternoon (the morning was actually foggy in Albuquerque, a real rarity). She daintily sniffed out the window without extending her head beyond the glass. She's a safety-first kind of girl. Soon, the busy morning took its toll, and she laid down on the seat to rest.


By the time we arrived home, Diva was exhausted. She meandered to her bed and fell fast asleep.



Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Diva...you little sweetie. You look gorgeous! :)

Brian said...

Looking great sweet Diva!