December 8, 2022


"So, dad, when you were looking in the closet last night, I noticed a really soft looking bed in there," Diva declared. "Shouldn't we bring that bed out so we can use it?" "Okay, Diva," I responded, "I'll bring it out and lay it on the floor, but I don't think anyone will use it. Everyone has a bed already, even you." 

As you can see in the photo above, dear reader, someone settled right in and fell asleep. Last January, I placed this floofy bed in the closet when Siku passed away. It was her favorite bed, and I even took it out in the back yard for her when she wanted to enjoy some sun. It's a soft, warm, cradling bed that's meant to be loved, and now it will be loved again. I feel that Siku is looking upon us and smiling.

Siku resting in the back yard last year


Becky W said...

Both Siku Marie and Sue are smiling. The love is strong and the memories are so important. Much love, Becky

Brian's Home Blog said...

Such a wonderful bed for all to enjoy!