June 6, 2023


"You know, guys, SOME dogs love the idea of a wading pool filled with water for a place to take a quick dip and stay cool during these hot days. Do you think YOU might like one or two out here in the yard and maybe on the deck?"

Zsophia and Bailey headed to the back of the yard. "You mean like a bath?' "Outside?"

Lilly thought about it. "Could we play 'bob for yummies'? That might be fun." "I would need a life jacket or water wings" Diva commented. "And a fluffy towel to lie on afterward to dry off. Oh, and sunglasses."

"Maybe if the water was not too cold and there were bubbles. Would dad sit on the edge and rub-a-dub-dub me?"

Roman gave the entire conversation his side-eye whale look. It is a very clear warning not to push or go further. "No one would be forced to go in," I reassured him. "I don't want to be teased or splashed either," he said.

"Maybe let's give the pool idea some more thought," I suggested. "White Dog never wanted a pool; we tried once but she thought it was gross that I was standing in the middle of a gigantic drinking bowl. If anyone changes their minds let me know. For now it's always cool in the house."


24 Paws of Love said...

Our dogs loved a wading pool. Especially with treats. They never laid down in it though, like I hoped they would. But it got their paws wet and kept them cool. Good Luck!

Dorothy "FiveSibesMom" said...

Oh, do give the pool idea a chance! While out of my fab Five, Chloe wanted absolutely nothing to do with the pool, the others were definitely into it, especially Harley (the pool queen) and Gibson! Hop in and have some splashing good fun!