June 5, 2023


"It's 8:30 on Monday night and we're STILL waiting for dinner," Zsofia complained. "Why are you just sitting here, Dad?"

"The spinach is wilted but we're waiting for the lentils to get softer. Then they must be mixed and the chopped tomatoes and parmesan must be added. You wanted to share, right? Well then you must be patient," I explained.

"Dad, could we have ice cream first?" Diva suggested. The rest of the WDA quickly picked up her plea. "Um, no. If I share ice cream it will be AFTER dinner, just like always," I disappointed them. Just then the timer sounded in the kitchen prompting me and my cadre of tasters to head off to check for lentil softness."

1 comment:

Erin the Cat Princess said...

Sounds like that bell went just in the nick of time! Hopefully, the meal ran according to the courses thereafter. Though if it was me I'd have happily foregone the spinach!