June 9, 2009

White Dog nervously waited for news as Tortuga went back to the vet today. Dr. Julia was not happy that he is refusing his meds so she injected antibiotics and made Tortuga sit in a healing vitamin bath for an hour. When he comes home tonight we will have to switch from oral to injectable medication--at least until the stubborn boy begins eating. White Dog hates needles and syringes...she even leaves the room when I prick my finger to test my glucose. She is working very hard to convince Tortuga to eat.


Hansel said...

glucose! AHhhh! I don't know if i could ever do that myself. I see blood and get all woosey! I had to get a rabies titer last october- and i told the lady before she stuck me 'lady, you only get one chance... then i'm OUT of here!' it only took her once on me... and then 4 tries on a co-worker. She came in the room all upset because after 4 tries, they STILL couldn't hit her! I thanked god i went first, because i never would've gotten in that chair!

Teddy Bear said...

I don't like needles, either! Siku, I hope that Tortuga will start eating.

Teddy Bear

Hana said...

I hope Tortuga is okay. Hopefully his injections will help and then he will also start to eat again.

But I don't understand how he will p p if he doesn't have his you know what.

Hansel said...

mom wants to send you the pictures of the finished gift she made for the shower! it's so awesome!

*And thank you, thank you for coming to my purfdeh party yesterday!*

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Tortoises are like birds...they excrete both solids and liquids from special plumbing. The reptile's "manhood" is strictly for wowing the ladies.