September 15 and 16, 2012

White Dog is very concerned that our followers will be worried about our absence the past two days. If fact, last night when things finally got quiet around midnight, she suggested that I might perhaps stay up and blog but that SHE was exhausted and "turning in."

The entire White Dog Army, as well as Steve and Michael, must be commended for the poise and calm they exhibited during these past three days of hosting Luke Robinson, founder of 2MillionDogs, and his two great Pyrenees  Hudson and Murphy.

Friday night the WDA showed its incredible patience and understanding as we left them from afternoon into late night to attend a Roundtable Discussion in Santa Fe that we had organized to address the various issues of living with canine cancer in your family. It was an excellent exchange about vet/oncology options, nutrition, financial assistance and even end of life decisions and the panel leaders were informed and invited lots of participation. Turns out that the WDA was more in tune with the importance of the night than Luke's 18-month-old Indy, who prompted a call from the hotel to ask Luke to come and attend to his barking pup (fortunately it was at the end of dinner)! White Dog volunteered to put that boy through her "party manners" training but they weren't here long enough.

Bright and early on Saturday, we all headed out to Bark in the Park a day of fun and games to benefit the Oscar Foundation, a local group that offers needs-based financial assistance for those whose dogs need surgery and physical rehabilitation. The group does wonderful work in the community. We had a booth promoting cancer awareness right next to them and together we garnered lots of White Dog attention, especially with the two big Pyrs wrestling and strolling around. AND when Loki, a beautiful Samoyed walked up to us...we turned heads all across the Park.

On Sunday, the White Dogs went early to help supervise the set up of tents and chairs and decorations for Rock the Kasbah, an afternoon of fighting the evil c monster by celebrating life. It was particularly poignant since our beloved Ann from Zoolatry designed the poster and invitation for this party. We dedicated the day to Poppy Vic and hoped that he felt the energy, joy, and love being sent as we were inspired by his courage.

Dragon's dad, Gregg, and his catering company passed out the most delicious middle-eastern treats: babaganous on pita; humus on endive; turkey swarma on cucumber rounds; falafil; dolmas; honey-nut cookies; blueberry pomegranate squares, and ginger lemon cookies...all washed back with mint iced tea or lavender lemonade or refreshing water with cucumbers...and expertly served by his partner's 8-year-old daughter in a beautiful blue sparkling party dress.  We sent home goodie bags with human white chocolate pup candies and peanut butter dog treats, but we suspect that several of the pups and their peeps did not wait until getting home to enjoy the special treats. No one, White Floofed or otherwise, went home hungry. Tired, yes, hungry? Well maybe just a little something for dinner, please! (as YoYoMa said).

Post Kasbah entertainment continued back at our house where the WDA showed the visitors the best party manners and conversation etiquette...but they were ready for everyone to leave when they took their leave at 10pm. After cleanup, Steve dragged the White Ones out for a quick pre-bed Walk amidst their protests of being too tired and then it WAS lights out! The last word was White Dog snorting into my legs, "geez, that Oso is snoring ALREADY! I'll never get to ..."


Amber DaWeenie said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all (except maybe Indy). Have a great week and gets lots of rest!


Brian said...

Sounds terrufic and very organized! Now get plenty of treats and snoozing!

Jo's World said...

What a lovely gesture to dedicate the day to Vic Adamus. I'm certain his family is honored by that.



Nola said...

Sounds pawsome and very organized!

meowmeowmans said...

That sounds like a great and wonderful weekend. How beautiful that you dedicated Sunday to our friend Poppy Vic.

Hugs (and much rest!) to you all!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Thank you for sharing this event with us. It sounded like you had a wonderful time

Random Felines said...

what fun - and a serious addition to the WDA for the weekend!!