May 31, 2013

White Dog and the rest of The White Dog Army have formed a protective circle around Quinn. He is, after a round of laser therapy, able to struggle and stand and to slowly walk short distances. He will need continued treatment through next week but he has regained some movement and relief from the pain that had a chokehold on him Thursday.

I know I have said it many times, but I am endlessly amazed at the compassion and caring interaction my pack shows to each other. The White Dog Army spent the day watching over Quinn and many times went over just to touch noses in an offer of encouragement. Nuka, Puff and Oso took turns lying nearby (or in Nuka's case, partially sprawled over The Other White Dog).

White Dog did not stand at bark for him to move as he napped blocking the doorway to the hall; rather, she executed a lovely agility hurdle jump over the sleeping boy and continued on her way outside without disturbing him. And repeated the kindness on her way back in. She paused to think it through so I know her actions were deliberate.

Just before bed walks are one of the White Dog Army's favorite parts of their day; no one ever misses this opportunity to go out in ones or twos with Steve for a final stroll around the neighborhood. Usually Nuka and Puff go on the first round and rush to the door when Steve puts on his shoes. Tonight Puff refused to exit the door and was so stubborn that Steve finally unleashed her and took just Nuka. Oso goes next by himself.  Our little man is such a dawdler and sniffer that his walk never covers much distance even though he takes plenty of time.

Quinn is usually next in the lineup. He goes solo so that Steve is able to adapt to his needs on the walk. Tonight we discussed whether to allow him to skip a night but were torn between TOWD's need to move the leg and his overdoing it. We decided to let him decide...and he asked for the leash to be put on and the door to be opened.  Puff dashed to the door and demanded to go with him; she insisted on accompanying her brother and, Steve reported, walked calmly at his side at his pace to the corner and back. She sat patiently waiting while Steve carried Quinn up the stairs and into the house. Each of the White Dogs then went over to check TOWD to make sure there were no post walk issues.

YoYoMa yielded his typical front and center position so that Quinn could lie directly in front of me during the distribution of bedtime treats; and all waited patiently around him for their turns. As every pup settled for the night, not one relaxed into sleep mode until we all heard Quinn lie down in a favorite spot, shake his head as he shifted into a comfy position and let out a huge sigh of relief. Only then did the White Dog Army stand down.


Jo's World said...

This pack has me in tears tonight with the care and concern for their brother!

All good wishes for your good health!

Jo and the petz

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh No.....I'm so sorry! We've had a very up and down week and didn't know about Quinn's problems.

We have all 40 paws in the pack crossed and Mom is sending lots of prayers that Quinn feels all better real soon.


Brian said...

Quinn is so loved and the WD pack never fails to show that love. We all love you too Quinn!

Katie Isabella said...

You have made my evening with this loving blog about loving fur children. Thank you.

Sally Ann and Andy said...

When Mack was sick, Mommy took two clothe publix bags that she cut holes in one for his front legs; and, two holes for his back legs and a tail/private part hole. She could take him to walk by suporting him by holding the bags. He was in a weight bearing position, but she was suporting him. Acupuncture also helped bubba, but that scares me; as, I don't like needles.Mommy said to keep going, and talk to him.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We are keeping sending positive thoughts and love to Quinn.

bbes tribe said...

Amazing! Animals are awesome and sometimes we do see them actually thinking. I saw that with my Sibes when I first noticed it.sure hope Quinn feels better soon. It is hard when our furiends are not feeling well or on pain.
Paws crossed.
Ernie, mom Barb and the furkids

Marg said...

That is so great that they all stand together to take care of their family. Too cute how they are watching after Quinn. Hope that Quinn gets better really quickly. Take care.

Random Felines said...

awww - we love the army's care for one of its own. feel better soon Quinn

Sagira said...

Such a loving pack. Sorry to hear about Quinn. :(