May 15-16, 2014

White Dog and The White Dog Army have been totally immersed in preparing White Dog Ranch for a new recruit. It has already been decided that YoYoMa is in charge of showing him the toy basket and teaching him the rules of sharing. Puff and Bella will be his doggie door trainers...they are our best experts and love going in and out. They both are ready to show your new boy how to kick back and enjoy the splendor of a thorough brushing. Taiko has been practicing how to gently guide a much littler brother around to all of the good naps spots.

White Dog, of course, is in charge of drilling the rules and instilling good party manners. All of the White Dog Army stands ready to help their brother step up to the high standards of being a White Dog...and they are confident with angel guidance from Oso, Nuka, and Quinn that he will excel.

I have be quietly corrected by White Dog and Steve. I am to stop writing Sacchi's name as though he were an Italian fashion designer and start using the traditional Japanese spelling...SaChi (they will let me get away with Sachi)...so from now on I am VERY conscious when I type his name.

While the WDA planned and divided tasks, Steve and I finalized plans to retrieve our furbaby. Adrienne Young, a retired long distance trucker who drives rescue transports here in Albuquerque leaves Sunday evening for Yuma, CA so she will be there midmorning on Monday to meet Sachi's foster mom. Then, he heads East...and should arrive to a thunderous WDA greeting around 8pm or so.

Along the route we will keep in contact via phone and Facebook photos which we will share. The excitement mounts here to the point of softening the sadness of picking up Oso's pawprint today. "Welcome home, brother," White Dog sniffed and greeted. "So glad you will be here to be part of the Welcoming Committee. He IS your recruit, after all." And be here we all will be thanks to so many paws and hands that reached out and connected to help make us whole.

Across the weekend, WD has prepared a list of tasks still to be undertaken...new Sachi bowls...his own blanket...celebratory treats for his arrival. We will discuss and debate an "Army" name for there are two suggestions and we are equally divided. But we won't clean. That was YoYoMa's request. "Momma, smells are so important, especially when you first get to a place and everything is new," our blind boy explained. "If it is too clean Sachi will not immediately feel the comfort that comes from the smells of everyday life." Steve thinks our boy is just trying to avoid a visit from the loud sucking beast, but you know...Yo might have a point.

One last thing, ANOTHER favor if you will indulge us...Adrienne, the wonderful woman who is driving the entire distance to pick up our new baby, Sachi, will not accept gas or food money...only a few dollars to stay overnight at a cheap motel so she will be in Yuma to meet the rescue early in the day. Adrienne Young is an Angel not just for us but for so many groups she drives regular transports for. To properly thank her I am going to make a donation in her name to Painted Paws for Veterans org into their transport fund to link up dogs and Vets in need all across the country. It is one of her favorite causes and she often drives from one side of the country to the other to help them. . Here is their website: www.paintedpawsforveterans.org and they have a donate button. Anyone who offered to help pay for expenses, please consider making a small donation...for The White Dog Army...for Oso...for Sachi...for those who tirelessly save lives and connect second chances. Thank you.


Brian said...

We are getting exciting for you!

Random Felines said...

we just saw the good news that Sachi will be on his way soon. we are so very excited for the new recruit :)