June 2, 2014

White Dog was sitting between my legs enjoying the benefits of a long gentle brushing. Puff curled against my foot and awaited her turn. Bella rested nearby observing the activity and anticipating her own time with the comb that took away itchies. It was just us ladies, relaxing.

Sachi came charging into the room with YoYoMa's red plush bone. He was tossing it up in the air and then running after to grab it and toss it again. Then he took tight hold of the end and began a crazy dance of slamming it to the ground as he twirled around in lazy circles. He almost hit Puff's back on one of the swings which caused her to shift and give him an uncomfortable look.

He threw the stuffie into the air and smack into White Dog's face. She gave a warning growl. Sachi responded by grabbing back the bone and play challenging her, chest down tail wagging in the air. She ignored him. He threw the bone at Puff.

"I think your sisters do not want to play," I told the Dauntless One. "Do not push too far." Sachi ignored my warning and challenged WD once more barking at her and demanding her attention. She looked at me. I shrugged. Of Course A White Dog crept forward yipping and wagging. I felt WD's muscle contract under my hand and in an instant she lept forward and chased him through the house and out of the dog door. She pulled up at hearing the door flap behind him and returned to sit for her grooming.

A few seconds later, Bella, who never plays with toys, walked over and picked up the red stuffie. She carried it along the same path her brother had just taken. We heard her go through the door. She returned without the toy and resettled into her spot. Once again relaxing spa quiet ruled.

Steve's curiosity overcame him and he peeked through the bedroom glass doors. Sachi was sitting rethinking his strategy on the deck. Next to him lay the bone toy where his sister clearly had delivered it with a message.

The poor little Tyrant seemed so surprised and bewildered that Steve called him in and sat in the bedroom playing tug, bitey fingers and fetch with him to balm his ego.


24 Paws of Love said...

Just another day at the WDA home! Good to see Sachi fits right in! :)

Random Felines said...

good to know he is catching on. MOL about Bella taking him the toy. our grandparent's new dog plays like that - but at least at their house he has no other dogs to run into :)