June 14, 2014

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army lounged under the cooling breezes of the swamp cooler. "You know what would make this scene perfect," White Dog asked as she jumped up to share the sofa Steve was sprawled upon. "I have a feeling it somehow involves my moving from this VERY comfortable spot," Steve responded; he was trying to stockpile tranquility before returning to his normal routine next week.

"Well...just a little...out to the car actually...but you don't even have to take time to harness us up or anything. You could just go really quickly and come back...take momma...she'd love a ride!" At hearing MY name suddenly in the conversation, I turned toward her. "What is it that you are trying so coyly to convince dad to do for you?" She had her paws on Steve's chest and was gently licking his hands; she turned on "THOSE" eyes. Steve was melting before he even know what he was promising.

"It is not just for me," our diva replied. "Everyone will benefit from dad's incredible act of kindness and compassion on this blistering hot day!" I looked around, the WDA snoozed soundly all over the living room; no one seemed in dire need of anything. It wasn't even 90 degrees. "Aren't you being just a tad dramatic?"

White Dog rested her head on Steve's shoulder and gave him a kiss on the check. "WHAT is you want?" I demanded knowing by the look on Steve's face that her request was not going to be denied.

"It is such a small thing, really," WD teased. "WHAT!" "It is just that it is so hot and a cool treat would turn the day into a tropical fiesta." "I know you don't want ice cubes from the freezer." "Really, it is not much more effort than that..." "WHAT?"

"Dad," WD ignored me, turned her attention to Steve and nuzzled against him. "The most perfect thing that we really need is the fixings for sundaes made of coconut ice cream and mango sorbet made in those little sugar cookie bowls."

And that is how Steve and I found ourselves waiting in line at Pop!Fizz with our little insulated tote and list for one quart coconut ice cream, one quart mango sorbet, and sugar cookie bowls. If my precious Little Miss comments about how long it took us when we return with her dream carryout order...I may just eat it all myself!

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Sagira said...

You guys always have the best dinners and deserts