September 13, 2014

White Dog had to awaken Taiko. "Come on brother," she nudged, "it is nearly eight and you still have to eat breakfast and get brushed. We have LOTS to do this morning."

He slowly opened an eye and grunted. Then he turned his head to go back to sleep. "UP! NOW!" WD commanded. He struggled to his feet and plodded out to the kitchen where the rest of the White Dogs were already hungrily enjoying an early breakfast.

"Perfect start to a grey day," Puff greeted him. "I am looking forward to an entire morning of napping." "Me, too," Taiko started to respond but was stopped by WD blowing air through her cheeks.

"In three more minutes, Mister, you will be in Pumpkin along with Dad and momma and I heading for Bark in the Park! We have to set up our booth and will be busy all day as ambassadors for Paws To People. We can nap on the way there but then...be prepared to shine like the star you are!"

Once we arrived, WD and Taiko supervised the setting up of the tent and arranging of materials. They proudly walked back and forth in front of the booth attracting attention and then sat smartly under the table as we discussed our mission to save the lives of people and pets through comparative studies research in catastrophic diseases.

A bit later Elena and Laura joined us, freeing Steve and Taiko to make a circuit of the show as they passed out fliers for our next event and copies of our newsletter. White Dog stayed at the table stretched out in the finally emerging sun at the front of the booth. We shared stories with those who stopped by...and hope.

The Event was full of folks who brought their furry loved ones along. In no time the day was over. We packed up, loaded the van, and snuggled our spokesdogs comfortably for the trip home.

"Nice job!" I turned to tell both White Dog and Taiko how proud I was and what great ambassadors they had been...but they were both sound asleep.
It was cold and grey as we set up and started the morning.
As the clouds lifted more people and pets came by


Sagira said...

That looks like a great event! :)

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Looks like it turned out to be a perfect day and both White dogs did a sterling job.

Random Felines said...

we love that you are all out there spreading the word and getting such support!!