September 14, 2014

White Dog came back in announcing, "Let destiny take us. Pandora is out of the box!" "I think you are confusing your mythology," I told her. "Whatever are you talking about?"

"Dad, with the help of Sachi and Taiko, have introduced Zsofia to the doggie door," the Little White Dog of My Heart explained. "She is going in and out like a pup in paradise as dad holds the door open and she comes back in when he calls her name. Just now she followed Sachi out without Dad's help and went to the yard and squatted when Sachi did his business. Dad is SO excited!"

Several times across the afternoon we watched our darker White Dog head down the hall and then heard the door clunk. Steve would peek out of the window and sure enough, Zsofia was wandering on her own in the yard and relieving herself.

"Our Little Girl is growing up," Steve lamented. "Don't worry, Sweetheart," I reassured, "There are still lots of puppy rules that need to stay in place...she still gets kenneled at night I do not want her going out when we are asleep...She is leashed or babygated when we are not home; she is not old enough for total independence yet there is still much trouble she can get into and cause...and finally, she is not mature enough to be left unattended. It is OK for her to go outside to stretch her legs or potty but she must be monitored we need to know where she is."

Steve nodded his head as he stroked those soft black ears. He heard and understood me. Zsofia on the other hand, howled "FREEDOM!" and headed for another trip through the magic portal (tailed by Sachi and White Dog).


Brian said...

The gateway to fun will sure keep her on the move!

Random Felines said...

goofy girl. she is going to wear out those boys keeping track of her :)

Random Felines said...

goofy girl. she is going to wear out those boys keeping track of her :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

She is such a pretty girl- and looks so smart!

KB Bear said...

She sure is smart and cute! Learning the magic door is a big step!