September 15, 2014

White Dog gently laid her muzzle against her sister's wet side. "Poor Puff is NOT having a good day!" she observed, rather stating the obvious as Puff stood shivering and dripping rain.

Now that Zsofia has discovered the dog door her drag lead has, by necessity, been removed. We do not want her to tangled up somewhere outside. This means that I have also lost the option to quickly step on the lead to thwart the Little One from overzealous play with her "want-to-be-left-alone" siblings.

Zsofia absolutely tortured Puff all afternoon as the skies darkened and a storm moved in. The impending rain seemed to invigorate the Darker White One as much as it made YoYoMa nervous. I heard Puff YIPE and went out to the living room to break things up...again. Puff came to lie in the hallway outside the office. I was on the phone when I heard her cry out a bit later. I tried to quickly finish business and went looking. The storm was fully upon us, dumping down rain and growling thunderous insults. Both Puff and Zsofia were not in the house. I called at the dog door and got no response. We have restricted access to all of the underdeck shelter and I could not see either pup.

I called Candace who was in the studio to ask if the two might be with her. They were not but she immediately offered to brave the rain to search the yard for them. As I hung up and turned, Puff came scurrying in, soaked and covered in mud and twigs. Apparently Zsofia had chased her out and then challenged her each time she tried to come in.

As for Zsofia, Candace came in holding her. Not so soaked. She had managed to find her way into the gazebo where she was partially protected from the wetness.

I dried Puff and Candace buffed off the demon dog. My poor little old lady was having, as Sachi put it, "a pigeon poop" day. Her visit to Dr. Julia confirmed my fear that the bump on her upper right gum would need to be removed and biopsied...that will happen Thursday. She was given a massive dose of antibiotics to fight the infection growing around the tooth beneath the growth so she was not feeling her best. She sure did not deserve being leaped on and chewed by a bratty baby.

And she wasn't the only one who smiled and wagged a bit when I snapped a leash on Zsofia. "For the rest of the night," I told her, "we are inseparable. You are in time out." True to stubborn Northern Breed form, she has laid beside me quiet as can be, just chewing her toys and occasionally my office chair. She looks at me levelly and without any sign of remorse. "You are not big enough yet to throw me those flashing eyes, young lady," I told her mimicking what my grandmother said to me once.

I already know the drill. When Steve comes home, she will rush up to him and throw herself in his arms...and sing of song of momma abuse.


NanĂ¼k said...

Aw Puff my furiend, wish I knew some magic words to make big brofur calm down. I do so understand,


Random Felines said...

poor Puff...we hope the time out helped and that everything goes ok with your tooth

STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Mates, oooh sounds like you are busy at your place. Nothing like a pup to stir things up. Hope Puff got to have some quiet time with you. Take care White Dog Army. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

Brian said...

Poor Puff. She needs to re-learn the fine art of ignore!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

so much to learn when new ones become part of your family!

meowmeowmans said...

Poor dear Puff. We have our paws crossed for some calmness from Zsofia. And we are sending our ver best purrs and prayers that things go well with that tooth. Hugs to you all.

Asta said...

Notty baby Zsofia..you have to leawn to be gentle and kind espeshully poow littol Puff who is not feeling well. I am cwossing my paws that Puff's suwgewy goes well and that you,Zsofia leawn fwom yoow sweet White siblings

Smoochie kisses

KB Bear said...

Take it easy on Puff, big puppy Zsofia! She needs your love and adoration! I hope Puff is doing well today and that her tooth is okay.

I tie our puppies to me for the day many times, even when they haven't been naughty. It's a good way to prevent them from developing bad habits and it helps us bond! I hope that you and Zsofia actually enjoyed your time together!