September 16, 2014

White Dog watched out of the window and gave the "all clear" signal the minute Candace had backed out of the drive and was headed down the road. "OK, White Dogs and dad, we have a party to put together!" Daisy and Skye were part of the planning committee and so far had done an excellent job not giving their momma any clues about this evening's surprise.

Today marks the one-month anniversary since Candace, Skye and Daisy came to stay with us and White Dog had orchestrated a celebration to recognize the day as well as the amazing progress their family has made in just a very few days. It could not have been easy to make the journey to us, strangers, trusting that all would work out in a place where they had no network or do-over button; theirs was a tremendous act of courage and faith. It has been an exciting 30 days of watching them put down tentative roots and give themselves over to believing that what was happening was genuine and real and would last.

Candace has worked hard and landed not one, but two jobs and is still getting responses from groundwork she had laid when they first arrived. The newbies are totally at home within the White Dog Army and spend much of their days with the pack. They are beginning to find their way around town and have found a favorite park. Candace has been a wonderful help in catching up on the "Honey Do" list neglected by Steve's school demands (the yard has never looked better)! She dove right in and found ways to add her volunteer time to helping Paws To People's shoe fundraiser and our event planning. She has been invaluable in helping with Zsofia and the added needs of a baby in the house. She LIKES doing dishes! We are so grateful for her assistance and gentleness.

Daisy and Skye helped us plan a Southern Feast like they have "back home" Steve with the help of his Kitchen Team (Taiko, Sachi, and Zsofia) cooked up some "Down Home Magic" to celebrate. BBQ ribs, cornmeal fried catfish (with homemade sauce), fried okra, dirty mashed potatoes, and watermelon graced the table and hopefully did not seem too New Mexican or Midwestern in its execution. There were round steak bones for puppy dessert and of course, pecan pie for the humans. We laughed as we munched and discussed whether it was PEE-kan or pee-kaan or pee-CAN.

It makes the entire White Dog Army wiggy-waggy happy to hear this family laugh; friends who just a few weeks ago thought they were out of options and hope. It fills our heart to see this new beginning unfolding and we feel blessed that we are a part of it.

We believe in and celebrate the bonds formed when people reach out to each other.  We know this is the start of a beautiful future for Candace, Skye and Daisy...and MANY more celebrations, WDA style.


Sagira said...

You guys are the best planners. You should start doing it professionally :)

Random Felines said...

a wonderful reason to celebrate!! we send lots of loving purrs to Candace for having faith :)