December 12, 2014

White Dog and Puff rode along as Steve went out to get a few finishing touches for our Giving Tree gifts. It was like Puff reasoned, "It is about more than just what these kids NEED. There should be a few fun surprises in their package as well." Of course, the White Dog Army agreed that there should be something sweet. So candy was on the list. Then WD had the great idea of visiting our friend Kristina, a jewelry maker, to see if she had done any happy little things for the Craft Fairs she attends this time of year. Three of our "kids" are girls. Sure enough the errand runners came back with cute little necklaces perfect for the 9-11 year olds, a butterfly, a kitty, and a smiling pup. The Army high pawed our team for their shopping prowess.

Then it was time for WDA Team 2, YoYoMa and Zsofia harnessed up and left to accompany Steve as he delivered fliers about our Pizza Party fundraiser this Sunday. They are a striking contrast in color as they walk with Steve along the shops on Route 66 and ask for shopkeepers to distribute news of the Event. Plus they both are fabulous walkers and did not mind being out for more than an hour and a half. We back at home waited until their return for our afternoon jerky break to congratulate them for a job well done.

Bella and Sachi could hardly wait for THEIR turn. They were in charge of taking packages to the Post Office and picking up late lunch for Steve and I. I was surprised and pleased when they returned with Thai Green Curry Noodles. Steve had a lovely teriyaki salmon which he generously shared bites of.  Additionally, Team 3 had remembered that our little boy giftee needed a little sparkle in his package of clothes, so they brought home a soft stuffed snow leopard cub to include.

Taiko, who had helped me put together the cookie baking list for next week while everyone was off on car rides (he gets car sick if he cannot see out and all of the seats are currently stowed), joined me in sorting all of the treasures into groups for each of the four children. He nodded his head in approval. These kids meant a lot to him as they are all victims of domestic violence and he could easily relate. "I hope there is a reason to smile in each of these packages," he fretted. White Dog suggested, "let's include a tiny bit of our floof in each package, if we believe and add our White Dog energy,  maybe things will get better for them and they will know safety, life without fear, and love!"

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Brian said...

White Dog smiles delivery has got to bring smiles!