December 13, 2014

White Dog Peered out of the door into the downpour. "Ummmm, looks like no walks for The White Dog Army tonight," she told Steve. So we sent everyone out onto the deck for a quick necessary break, handed out nite-nite treats, and took one last look outside.

The rain had changed to snow.

The Army rushed out to get their first tasty flakes of the season. Zsofia was perplexed and stood frozen just outside the door staring upward as big fluffy blops of snow landed on her face and furs. She licked her fur and suddenly clicked. This was a GOOD thing! Off she ran into the yard. It was past midnight and Steve gave her a few moments and then went out to bring her in. She did not want to come.

It was too dark to capture in photos but the rain and snow switched back and forth all night so at daybreak we had a decent dusting of white.

Here is, as White Dog calls it, "Baby's First Snowfall..."


haopee said...

A GIF!!! That's so pretty! And Zsofia has grown into such a lovely lady. You've raised a beautiful minion, Siku!

NanĂ¼k said...

Aw, baby's first snow:)


Mr. Pip said...

How fun is that! Enjoy

meowmeowmans said...

That's wonderful! We can FEEL the joy that Zsofia is experiencing. :)