January 29, 2015

White Dog was sitting on my chair surrounded by Zsofia, Sachi and Bella. It was a dismal, nasty day with howling winds that sent tree branches scritching against the house. Window panes rattled and the dog door flapped despite our air baffle. The day had started out sunny but was ominously overcast when I took a break from the computer and came out to discover the storytelling in progress.

I hung back at the door as White Dog regaled the youngest members of the White Dog Army with the tale of La Llorona, the Weeping Woman. The White Ones leaned forward intently as WD spun the tale of the tall, thin spirit blessed with natural beauty and long black flowing hair. YoYoMa pretended to be asleep on the hearth but I saw him open an eye and wink at White Dog.

"On grey bad weather days like this you must stay close to home," White Dog told the youngsters. "Why?" asked Zso, wide-eyed with fascination. "On days like this La Llorona, dressed in a white gown, wanders free, her spirit troubled. She is an angry spirit ad her heart is cold. It is said that she mourns the loss of her children who drowned."

Sachi gulped.

White Dog continued as a particularly huge gust caused the light pole to squeal as the wind tried to twist the lamp from its post. "She roams, wailing a long low howl."

At this YoYoMa began to softly keen, making the trio inch closer to the chair where White Dog sat. They were afraid to look to see where the sound came from.

"She roams, crying and searches for children and young pups to to drag, screaming, to a watery grave" Yo turned his howl into a full-throated wolf cry. Bella headed under the chair. Zsofia hopped up next to WD and Sachi, finally noticing me standing there, rushed to press himself behind my legs.

WD and YoYoMa giggled with delight at the success of their setup. "OK you two, do not scare the little ones. Ghost stories are fun but that is enough for now."

I sat down on the chair and gathered the young ones into my arms. "You are safe," I reassured them. They looked at me with uncertainty. "No one is going to harm you and that ghost story is just a bit of folklore. Do not worry." "Really?" Bella timidly asked, still leaning into my embrace. "Really, truly."

Zsofia puffed her chest and blustered. "I wasn't afraid at all," she said. She had not noticed Puff come up behind her and wait still hidden by the cart. "I know there are no such things as ghosts," she added.

Puff gently nosed the back of her youngest sister's ear. And we all laughed as our brave ghost buster jumped in fright into my arms.


STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Hehe, we weren't afraid either, gulp. We are glad there are no howling winds here though :-)
Keep warm mates and have a grreat weekend. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

meowmeowmans said...

The humans say their older siblings used to do the same thing to them. :) The story may be for fun, but stay safe with those winds, friends!