March 24, 2015

White Dog kicked through the mail the postman had just pushed through our mail slot! "It is here!" she barked, "Finally!" All of the others rushed out to see as well...all except the girl who should have been leading the frenzy.

"Sweet Ones," I said trying to calm the snoofle fest. "It is in an envelope. You will not be able to see anything until we open it." "Don't worry, momma," Zsofia woo'd over her shoulder, "WE can take care of that!"

White Dog was not happy to be usurped but she followed my command of "bring it!" and placed the little padded package in my hand. It took her a second to let go of the other end. "Well?" The White Dog Army pushed closer.

"Shouldn't we get your sister?" I asked. "After all, this affects her more than anyone." "You know she will not come just because dad calls her and besides she is right over there in the doorway, watching." Bella replied.

"Who would know better," Sachi mumbled. "What do you mean by that?" Bella hissed taking offense. "I am sure he meant that you used to be just as shy and that you more than any of the others understand," I diffused and glared at Sachi.

"Shall we open the package?" The WDA once again pressed close as I tore open the end of the envelope and dumped out a tiny net bag. "Let me see!" was the cry. I held up the bag. "No, show us what is inside." I opened the drawstring and poured a little square of flowery tissue into my palm. "Is this a cruel game?" WD howled in frustration.

"I think the presentation is very pretty," I told her as I unwrapped the paper. I held up the prize. It was Storm's name tag. Our very talented friend, Susan, makes the most imaginative belt buckles and pendants; she also makes acrylic and metal tags. And she put together a special one for our newest baby.

Taiko ran over to Storm. "It is pink! Your favorite color! And it has your name!" The excitement was too much for our gentle one and she headed outside. The rest of the WDA each came close to read and sniff the collar bling.

Steve followed Storm outside and then back in before she allowed him to pick her up. She waited regally on my lap surrounded by the others as Steve removed her pink rhinestone collar (a gift from her foster mom) and added the tag. Then he showed it to her before putting the collar back around her neck.

The White Dog Army cheered, told her that she looked lovely and that the new jewelry added a note of elegance. Storm beamed with happiness.


Random Felines said...

It's lovely!!

meowmeowmans said...

Hooray! We love your new tag, Storm. It is beautiful, just like you!