March 25, 2015

White Dog headed to her space in the office. "I cannot stand the drama," she grumbled as she left the room. Zsofia was at the front door wailing a song of loss and abandonment.

Steve had just backed down the drive with Sachi and Storm; Zso could not believe her best bud left at the prime time of day to wrestle. "Itty Bitty One, they are just going to be groomed," I explained. "He is going to help Storm be brave. Besides, they both need a good spa treatment." She threw herself across my feet and keened.

When Steve returned fifteen minutes later, our Darkest White Dog was shocked that he was alone. She hopped up to look out of the window. She sniffed Steve for clues. She looked all over the house. Steve was confused until WD came out and filled him in. Zsofia came back to collapse at my feet, this time holding the bone usually dropped in challenge to begin a wrestling match. "My dog," Steve said, "she is despondent. Sachi and Storm won't be back for two hours, she is going to make herself sick."

Zso looked at her dad with heart melting sadness. "She needs a distraction." "Right, I'll take WD and go get a box of tacos." Ears perked up and so did the Dark One. "Umm, I sort of meant a walk. But OK, tacos for lunch." By the time he returned, divvied up the treats, and all ate, it was time to pick up the smallest ones.

Steve walked in with Sachi on a leash and Storm in her carrier. Zsofia leaped twice over her brother and reached to allow him first move in the match. The others waited while Storm was set on the floor, then they gathered around her to to admire and sniff her flowery scent.

"Not yet," Sachi said putting off wrestling with Zso. "I am too handsome to be gummed up by your grabbing me. Let's go look out of the window together." She sniffed him and sneezed. "Not ON me!" he complained. With that she loped out to the yard.

Later, she came back in and was met with Sachi's tackle. Tail up, our Baby Girl was finally happy again.


NanĂ¼k said...

So very beautiful! Love wooo white furiends,


Random Felines said...

Good work at the spa. Poor Zso ;)

Brian said...

Dang, y'all are looking mighty fine!