March 26, 2015

White Dog and the White Dog Army especially remember The Mighty Quinn on this Purple Day. Purple Day is an international day of raising awareness of epilepsy, its facts, and its effects on the people and animals who live with the disease.

Our Quinn was an Epi-Warrior. He suffered seizures that were, for most of his life with us, kept under control with a careful diet and medication. We all learned how to "read" the onsets and deal with his manic focal seizures (which meant he did not fall down and twitch but rather repeatedly circled tightly, unfocused, and panting heavily). We had an emergency kit.

But Epilepsy did not disrupt Quinn's quality of life. And so it is with most pets (cats get epilepsy, too!) and people. With awareness and care, there is nothing to fear and certainly it is not a life ender.

The FiveSibes and their hu-mom, Dorothy are fierce advocates for epilepsy awareness and the White Dog Army is proud to partner with them in reaching out to make aware and educate, especially on this special day.

The White Dog Army invites you to take this quiz and leave a comment about what information most surprised you. Tomorrow, White Dog and her siblings will randomly choose one comment to win a special prize. Ready?

Here are the questions:
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Together, we CAN make a difference!


Brian said...

That was a great tribute to the Mighty One.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Beautifully spoken

meowmeowmans said...

This is such a wonderful way to honor beloved Angel Quinn. :)

We did not know that epilepsy could be managed in part with diet. We also are looking forward to when you post the answers to the quiz, so we can learn more.


FiveSibesMom said...

Thank you for joining us! Excellent post and I love your "Test Your Knowledge!" Shared this! I know The Mighty Quinn is very proud of you! ❤️ I thought I'd give your quiz a try!

1. Purple Day was founded by a young girl named Cassidy Megsn who has epilepsy, and she wanted to get people talking about it. She chose purple because the international color for epilepsy awareness is lavender.
2. Epilepsy is a series of seizures...misfirings of the brain.
3. Idiopathic or Primary & Symptomatic or Secondary (with many types of seizures & stages)
4. Ice cream (natural vanilla) or something sweet (honey, maple syrup, Caro syrup) to raise blood sugar levels, followed by a little protein (cottage cheese, chicken, kibble, etc) to stabilized, and a little water.
5. The brain
6. Can vary from a few seconds to minutes to even in extreme cases, hours.
7. For idiopathic, It is more common in certain breeds than others, and not as uncommon as people may think. Humans, I'm not sure.
8. Sometimes the cause is unknown, sometimes genetics, brain trauma/injury, and/or infection/illness.
9. Through comparative research and studies, such as what Paws to People is involved in!
10. Some types of seizures can mimic normal feline activity.

How did I do??!

FiveSibesMom said...

PS - sorry for some typos, trying out a voice activated program!