March 27, 2015

White Dog moved off the chair to make way for Taiko to be dried off. Our poor boy was having a wobbly morning and fell while taking care of business soiling his beautiful furs. "Don't worry," Steve told him. "We all have mornings like this we will just jump in the tub for a quick cleanup."

Taiko came to us a pretty broken boy and he is slowly working through lots of issues that come from extreme abuse and non-socialization. He must concentrate and work hard to trust. He wants the love and attention but is clumsy in his efforts and is not sure how to react. Sometimes he buries his head against you as though he wants to melt into you but it is always on his terms and he reserves enough control so that he can walk away or end the interaction. So for him to allow Steve to carry him into the tub and touch him in gentle cleaning is a big deal.

Usually after the shower, Tai comes into my arms to be toweled off. He struggles to stand on the ground or to sit next to me and will allow me to work to dry him without too much complaint.

Today, Steve brought him out and placed him in my outstretched arms. Instead of instantly struggling to have control of his environment by being grounded, Taiko reacted differently.

This time My Boy, looked at me then settled into my arms. I held him like you would hold a lamb and he nestled his head against my arm. In total comfort. In total trust. After 18 months of holding something back.

I buried my face in his furs and whispered into his ear. "Thank you, Tender-Hearted Love. Thank you for trusting me."

And now for the answers to yesterday's Epilepsy Awareness Quiz. How many did YOU know?

We appreciate those who took the time to increase their knowledge of this disorder that affects both humans and pets And we congratulate Animal Shelter Volunteer They have won a Free Bag of Dogswell or Catswell Dry Food. Please email momma or FB her with your address so she can send the coupon. (Thanks, Dogswell for sponsoring this quiz).


Random Felines said...

Oh Tai.....we are so proud of you

Gus said...

Happy tears here.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Its all going to work out!

meowmeowmans said...
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meowmeowmans said...

I love that Taiko is learning to trust! Love is a powerful and amazing healer, isn't it?

Thank you for posting the answers to your epilepsy quiz. We definitely learned some important stuff!

How exciting about the food! Thank you so much! I just messaged you on FB with our address.