April 5, 2015

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army smacked and crunched away at breakfast, which included in each bowl half a lovely purple hard boiled egg. I am not sure any pup really appreciated that I had let the eggs sit overnight in red cabbage water to dye them but they sure looked colorful amid their morning kibble and kefir.

It was a beautiful summer warm day. A day perfect for going into the yard and getting one's paws muddy. There was no shortage of volunteers to help drag branches, bundle sticks (or chew them), or to help rake up the winter's remains of dried leaves stuck against the perimeter wall.

Candace has a vision of a raiseded garden. As she leveled ground, and mapped out the area, her team of "supervisors" offered suggestions and aided in the moving of dirt. Miss Z was amazed at the discovery that the hose left at a trickle by the newly planted mint and flowering plants magically created MUD! Which prompted reconsideration and the construction of a temporary barricade around the new greenery.

Inside, Puff helped me make a fruit salad as part of lunch for the hungry landscapers. We popped oiled and salted fingerling potatoes into the oven to roast and made a fresh bleu cheese dipping sauce. Soon everyone came in, happy with their progress and famished. We put together a cheese plate to go along with our other noshes. The White Dogs, all ten (Candace's girls were invited as well), enjoyed small plates that included roasted sweet potato cookies, carrot sticks, kiwi...and rabbit jerky. "Oh yes!" Yo swooned, "It was SO worth waiting for the Easter bunny!" Dessert was a wonderful apricot babka topped with whipped cream...there was silence as we all devoured it.

After, the WDA insisted we all go and sit on the deck to survey the handiwork of the day. It was with a deep sense of calm and community that we returned outdoors, tummies as full as our hearts, to watch the day set. A sigh passed through the family in contentment and gratitude. White Dog softly said, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if every creature felt as safe and loved as we do right now?" Together, as a pack, we turned noses to the deepening sky and whispered, "Let it be."


Random Felines said...

A good day.... (Tell Candace to search for hay bale gardening....mom doesn't garden but has heard good things about it)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Happy Easter my friends

meowmeowmans said...

What a wonderful day you all head, sweet friends. Happy belated Easter to you all.