May 31, 2015

White Dog rested her muzzle against Bella's. "Be confident," she told her. "You are ready. Do us proud." Bella looked VERY nervous but gave a wag of her tail and headed out.

This was the last day of the Fetch &  Releash Pet Adoption Expo; yesterday Elena, Laura, and Candace (helped by Izabella the Bearded Dragon) manned the Paws To People booth to raise awareness that good health and nutrition is the first best line of defense against catastrophic disease.

Today was our turn at the Adoption Expo. AND it was Bella E. Premurosa's very first outing as the ambassador for the White Dog Army. This crowded social event with lots of activity and distractions was a BIG step for our very shy Bella who has only just recently begun overcoming the challenges of having been a breeder mill dog for most of her life. She was wide-eyed but stayed calm as we unloaded the van and began to set up our information.

As we unpacked an old friend in rescue came up for hugs...or so we thought. Her first words as she dropped to her knees a few feet from Bella, was "Bella! I heard the White Dog Army was to be represented today!" She sat still as Bella tentatively sniffed and then quickly returned to my side before we got our hugs. But our Little Girl was clearly pleased at her recognition.

Quiet and attentive, our Beautiful and Caring Girl attracted attention all day as people stopped to admire the sedate, elegant White Dog resting next to me and to hear about Building Bridges To Cures. All day friends and acquaintances from the dog rescue world came over to catch up and to give our ambassador kudos for her work.

She walked around all of the booths visiting others with Steve but hurried back because they heard Bella had a VERY special friend waiting for her in our booth. Breeder Release Adoption Services was one of the rescues at the event. This was the wonderful group that rescued Bella and brought her to the White Dog Army. At every event we share, they ask about her. But today was extra great because not only was the group in attendance and had come by to pay respects, but Bella's former foster mom was here! She had been out doing a home inspection when we arrived but rushed up when she returned. "I heard Bella was here!" she delightedly said from 100 yards away. And from the opposite direction, Steve and Bella trotted back to our space. "Bella!" "Tail Wag!" It was a lovely reunion.

Six hours was a long time for my Tiny Dancer to be in the spotlight. She was exhausted by the end of the day. Bella fell asleep in my arms in the car on the way home...just like she did on that day 1-1/2 years ago when we brought her home to stay.

When we pulled into the drive today, Steve carried her inside. She begged her brothers and sisters to direct their questions to me, then surrendered the bag of cookie samples Nancy from Fergielicious had brought over to the booth for her (she was too nervous to eat)...and slipped under my chair.


NanĂ¼k said...

Gentle wooos of congrats, from all of us,

Nuk an Family

Tweedles -- that's me said...

heres a hug from me today- for you