July 31, 2015

White Dog wants everyone to know it is not easy preparing momma and dad for the tailgate picnic that happens every Saturday during Opera Season. It takes lots of White Dog Army supervision to make sure that the picnic is stylish, delicious, and that the menu comes together to reflect some aspect of the week's performance.

This weekend is the last performance of the season for us and it is extra special because it is also a world premier. Cold Mountain is based upon the award winning book, composed by a pulitzer prize winning woman composer, and consequently deserves a stellar meal to preceed it.

White Dog chose a Southern theme and planned a meal that wuld be fit for a prewar plantation gala. She called upon the extended White Dog Army, Skye, Daisy and Kandy, to come over and help oversee the preparation of chicken croquettes, bbq pork, three bean salad and biscuits with homemade apricot preserves.

The WDA was busy all day sampling chicken as it was first boiled and then shredded for the croquettes, tasting the pork for doneness, nibbling green beans to make sure there was still enough crunch for the salad (and munching garbanzos like popcorn just because they are a favorite). Fortunately one of the biscuits got a little dark in the oven so every pup got a bite with a smear of apricot spread.

Finally, well into the evening, White Dog pronounced the meal ready for the big event. Despite the arduous tasks the WDA managed, and the exhausted state of their tastebuds, not a single White Dog turned down post walk/bedtime treats. Can you imagine?


Brian said...

That sounds like fun. We have tails and there are a few gates here, but we've not had fun with food like that!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I think it would be a fun day!

meowmeowmans said...

We bet Mom and Dad were so very thankful to have such excellent supervision and planning of their tailgate picnic. :)

We hope the opera was wonderful!