August 1, 2015

White Dog knew exactly how to read Steve's unspoken message when he picked Puff up under his arm and took a step toward the front door. She was on the move and through the door as Steve quickly slipped through before any of the others could invite themselves along. WD jumped into the car as the door slid open; Steve placed Puff on the seat; she beamed through the window at Bella, Sachi and Zsofia who were watching from the window.

Puff loves car rides. It is probably one of her most favorite treats. She doesn't care where they go just as long as they are riding. She and WD share that driving bliss...even if it is just taking mail to the post office drive up boxes and then driving home past the new building going up on Route 66, around the corner from our house.

Ten minutes for the errand and another five exploring the front yard made Puff's day. White Dog wandered for a few minutes but then went to the door waiting for the others.

Once back inside the girls were swarmed by the White Dogs who wanted to sniff and know what they had missed. Treats offered all around made the car ride old news as every pup refocused on the jerky bag.

In the long run, all were contented. Ferguson thinks he desperately wants to go along, but he is not a good car rider; he gets nervous and carsick. Sachi, too, would hop in the car in an instant but he screams at being buckled in and wants only to ride in Steve's lap (which of course he cannot). Zsofia, too, wants to ride in Steve's lap and is fascinated with the pedals beneath him. When seat belted behind him, she stretches forward to try to slip around his shoulder and she sings in his ear. Storm and Bella do not like to be far from momma and only consider the possibility of a ride if I am along and can hold them in my arms. YoYo does not like car rides, his lack of vision makes the shakes and turns bewildering to him. If he must ride along, he is happiest with his head resting against my arm as I reach behind me. Nilla seems to like the idea of a ride but right now is fearful of leaving the security of "being home" where she feels safe and loved.

Adventurers home and treats given, Steve called to Fergis, Zso and Sachi, "Come on! Who wants to go outside and play chase?" Nilla and Bella looked at each other and hurried out of the dog door to join the others.  

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