August 2, 2015

White Dog sighed, "One thing I will not miss is you and dad getting home at one o'clock in the morning." We were sharing garbanzo beans from my three bean salad left over from the final opera of the season the night before. "Next July will come sooner than you think," I told her, "and we have already ordered our tickets."

All of the White Dog Army was hanging close. "Let's just not do anything but be together," Ferguson pleaded looking into Steve's eyes. "Well, let's be together and have treats," YoYoMa and Nilla jumped in, together.

"And no working on your computers and calling it family time!" Zsofia demanded as she shoved her Hurl A Squirrel frisbee into my hands.

Clearly we were on the verge of being declared unfit parents.

Taking a cue from our friend, Dawn, who shares whipped cream from the can with her pups, Steve went out to the kitchen. We usually whip cream by hand but we "inherited" the can used for the amazing pear and pecan cobbler dessert from last night. Steve could not bring himself to administer squirts directly into the mouths of each of the White Dogs; instead he cut up strawberries and put some in each bowl before generously covering them with a mound from the can. Then he topped each mound with a pretzel nub dog biscuit.

"NOW we're talking!" yipped Storm, excitedly.

"A-HEM!" I had sneaked into the office while every pup was enjoying their fruit and cream to quickly write this post...and now I was busted. "I just did not want our friends to worry," I tried to explain. White Dog stood staring me down as I finished, hit "publish" and shut down my screen. Then she and Bella escorted me back out to the living room.

"Remember, I am watching you," Bella whispered.

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Random Felines said...

sounds like yummy treats....and family time all around :)