August 3, 2015

White Dog stood next to her tiniest sister. "Do you all realize that most of the world would think that the White Dog Army has gone completely bonkers? You are all gathered around doing a happy dance and handing our cookies because Stormer has SOLID POOP! Do you know how crazy that sounds?"

"Not just one solid poop," Steve corrected her, "but she has been solid for two days in a row. Now THAT is worth a happy dance!"

"White Dog, think of how long Storm has suffered...since before early March when she joined the White Dog Army, this gentle girl has struggled with her digestive tract," Puff softly said. "They said when we adopted her that it had been more than a year of such torment."

Storm came to us with a thick folder of tests and attempted fixes that had been done to counter her stress colitis. Dr. Julia continued the search and discovered that Gentle Storm was carrying an antibiotic resistant form of clostridium (c.dif); she finally, we think, found a medication that is working...AND we agree with her opinion that this bacteria could have been riding undercover along with her colitis all along.

Last week, Storm seemed to turn a corner and began having more spunk, a less picky appetite, and seemed in general, in happier healthy. Now we are seeing some physical evidence to support improvement. Our Littlest One is scheduled to see Dr. Julia later this week and once again she will do a fecal test so we will know for certain that things are finally on the mend.

But for right now we are thrilled with the circumstantial evidence...and Storm's newly discovered wagging smile.

Besides, as Sachi pointed out, "Why do we need a reason to celebrate one of our own?" Bring on the fiber-rich sweet potato chews.


NanĂ¼k said...

Happy wooo-wooooos!


meowmeowmans said...

Hooray! That's such great news. Way to go, Storm! We're celebrating and smiling right along with you! :)