August 4, 2015

White Dog usually gets her nails trimmed when she goes to the groomer and so does YoYoMa. They both love spa days and are well behaved when they visit Scot. They come home full of treats, the latest neighborhood gossip, and looking perfectly coiffed. The rest of the White Dog Army is not so fond of being separated from us or of being handled by strangers so they go much less frequently.

They prefer Chez Steve, the home salon. There they are bathed in our very own bath tub, get dried in towels that smell exclusively like the WDA, and are cuddled every step of the way. But reaction to nail trimming varies surprisingly...

Nilla, whose coat is still not quite (even after two months of being here) free of knots and matts, lies patiently on her side as I fed her training treats and Steve clips her nails. Not even a squirm.

Storm settles in my arms like a lamb and allows Steve to gently lift one leg at a time to trim. She gets her treats at the end when she is done and asks to be set back down.

Puff sighs and tries to not appear too easy...pulling a leg back every now and again just so you don't think she is cooperating. The SECOND the last nail is shortened she pushes to get out of my arms and wants down...and then wants a treat.

You have to sweep Bella up by surprise because if she suspects your plan, she runs and hides under the chair. Once in her fortress, she is nearly impossible to roust. Once in my arms, she allows herself to be groomed. But with her you must remain alert because given the opportunity she will do a quick twist and jump out of your arms.

Ferguson has yet to be tested in this category, although he adoringly looks at Steve and allows him to do just about anything with him. Steve can brush, detangle, remove burrs...all without even a head shake. Steve is working to desensitize him for when the day comes that footwork is needed...as they interact and Steve pets him, Fergis experiences Steve's hands sliding along his flanks, touching his belly, lifting his tail, and lifting his paws. the future will tell how effective this has been.

Zsofia throws her huge paws into your hand so you can clip but then sings at the top of her voice a lament of abuse and torture. For her back paws, she lies on her side but bunny kicks after each click of the clippers...still singing the entire time.

Sachi is the demon dog from a vision of hell that includes dogs with eight foot long claws. He does not like his feet touched and nail trimming is not something he surrenders to. Thank goodness he is only 12lbs; if more I fear he would win the battle that has me clasping his back to my chest, one arm wrapped around his armpits tightly, the other around his hips. I use my elbow to keep him from twisting and seriously attacking Steve's hand as he trims the back paws. Then we switch positions, Sachi screaming his frustration and gasping. Steve comes from behind each of my shoulders as I now hold the ferocious tiny tiger body pressed flat against my chest so that I can cradle the back of his head and immobilize his attempts to rip Steve to shreds. The Little Man is stronger than you might imagine and I usually end up peed on and scratched. But he does give me a kiss at the end as he takes his treat.

A quick vacuum to get all the nail tips that managed to escape. "We do this because we love you"s all around...and finally, it is time for morning coffee.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh gosh,,, nail trimming,,, NO FUN here either.
I think the dogs usually win out!

Random Felines said...

sounds like the fun and games around here.... Ivy is a screaming demon, the boys put up with it for the most part and Daiquiri squirms. mom says she is amazed though that the kittens always seem to know when mom is on that LAST toe to start trying to escape :)