October 27, 2015

White Dog had been napping on Steve's chest, both of them stretched out on the couch. My tone must have signalled all of the pups to alert as I spoke on the phone. "What was that all about?" Steve asked as I clicked off the phone. The entire White Dog Army had moved to protective positions around me.

"Seems there are two warrants out for my arrest," I told them as I tried not to sound as shaken as I was. "WHAT?" was Steve's response.

"That was the assistant clerk for some judge. Apparently I was expected to show up for jury duty on Friday but failed to appear." "You never received any notice of that!"

"No, I didn't. Anyway, when I missed roll call, the Judge ordered me to appear before him today to explain WHY I had failed to show. Since I did not appear for that either, he issued a warrant for my arrest for contempt of court." "Again, no one ever let you know you were supposed to appear."

"The clerk said his calls seem to indicate it is a post office issue not a personal one, but he cannot reverse or change the warrant."

We don't want yo to go to jail, momma, the WDA howled. White Dog in particular was overcome, as she had lived through my long-term hospitalization so long ago; those were stressful times.

"So he gave me the phone number of the Sargeant I need to talk to arrange payment of my fines." "But you are not guilty!" "I know but apparently I must pay the fines first and then request a Dispute Hearing. If The Hearing agrees with me, I get my money back...or I can surrender myself and be fingerprinted and processed then arraigned within 72hours. Being in jail for a week doesn't seem like an option I want to take."

The White Dogs were closing ranks around me and issuing tough talk about letting them TRY to take me to jail. Growls and bared teeth surfaced. White coats bristled with their commitment to protect me.

"Promise me this, my loves," I begged them. "under NO circumstances are you to advance on anyone coming into the house. Especially people in uniform. This is not that kind of arrest warrant I don't think, where they will come to take me away. But promise me. Seriously. Dogs are shot and killed for aggressive actions toward police. If I tell you to go to bed no matter what, I want you ALL to quickly move into the bedroom and just be still. all will be well. I appreciate your desire to protect me and you are all my heroes. But I will work through this the human way. I could not bear it if any of you was injured trying to keep me safe. So promise!"

One by one I hugged my brave White Dog Army and whispered in the ear of each. "Trust. Believe. Love. It is powerful enough to overcome any challenge."


Brian said...

That's messed up. Sounds worthy of a full scale Idiot Alert. We sure hope someone with a brain steps in and makes this right.

meowmeowmans said...

That's terrible! We are upset that you are having to go through this because of the incompetence of others. Paws and fingers crossed that things get fixed real soon.

Hugs and love to you all.