October 28, 2015

White Dog Ode to the Used Tissue...with harmony from Zsofia, Bella, and Sachi...

Oh, little square of white delight
Your shape so easily contorts into wads and blobs and sculptured forms
When wet you mold like clay
And dry your fibers shred like hay
Magic paper or are you cloth?
You hold the scents and gunk of those I love.
You irresistably make me dump and paw and climb
to rescue you and make you mine
I love to chew you to bits on the bed, leave you as a hidden surprise
or boldly scatter you on the floor
It is such fun to roll on you or create a tissue-y trail to the door.
Sometimes I wear you in my hair
then later shake to once more share.
Oh little square of white delight
the biggest joy is that you come nestled with 250 of your wonderful family
who look like you and act like you and taste like you.

the end.


Gus said...

Applause for the Authoress!

Jake of Florida said...

Definitely applaws!!! A poem our boy could recite all day if he weren't so busy stealing paper towels whenever they are in reach.